The news is moving so fast, as is Time, it is almost frightening how many sick stories are slipping by us… are some links that you might like to be aware of, but might NOT be aware of…..

First off, i could go on about abortion forever, but let me link you to info on the Gosnell Trial, where Fetuses were found swimming for their lives in toilets as well as other neck-snapping slapstick situations,  and yet the Media is completely silent on this….i wonder why?    And on the same trial…..

While it appears that Child Sacrifice is still alive and well, but covered with clever Social Engineering, how about the concept that newborn babies should be considered non-persons and therefore can be killed?  True, as sick as it is, this concept was entered into our Collective Consciousness……

Sadly, here is some more?

Now that they have desensitized the Idiot Puppets to Abortion as a procedure no different and even quicker than an oil change, they are moving on to live babies.  i cannot even fathom this.

And as for Obama Care, why would you want the Government, who has repeatedly shown that they have no heart, do not care about the public, are pro euthenizing, and couldn’t run a business to save their lives, in charge of your Health and Death?  Doctors at the meeting were WALKING OUT in disgust, but you won’t hear about it…..

This, by the way, is how they always sell the Public an idea… the stories on making a deal with the Devil, it is something the people could use as a luxury or to be safe, taking advantage of Ego and Fear, the two biggest weaknesses of the Human Psyche…..they got people to DEMAND government health care, and yes everyone should be taken care of i truly believe that, and that is how they got people to beg for it…..but having the Government completely  in charge of your Health is a dangerous mistake…..there will be euthanasia, there will be child deaths, there already are!  People are waiting for Satan and the Apocalypse and he is already here…..more on the DeHumanization of Children?  Here we go…..


We knew that Technology would one day be able to accomplish the sort of thing described here, with a Vaccine that can modify human behavior, but we may not have believed that Psychopathic Satanists would be in Control, but they are……dig this Video…..http://!

They can do it, and they have shown they have no problem using Technology like this.


Why not test GMO crops on Children, since our Controllers seem to treat them as less than Human…..

While we are despairing over the horror that is occurring to our Children, let us not forget that flashing images on the box that they watch, sensitive minds that are designed to absorb the world around them and learn about their Reality, how it could it not affect them?


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