In Europe, when you get sick of your adorable baby, you can stick him or her (who cares, right?)  in a baby box!  No, it is not a killing box but i’m sure those are on the way, believe me….but even now, if all that crying from a helpless young baby who is just hungry is bugging you because you are busy watching the football game, or tired from a hard day at that incredibly mentally challenging job you have, now there is a way out!  Just run out to your nearest baby box and drop the little bastard off.  If changing diapers is getting to you when you would rather be doing your nails or anything more important than helping  the Life of a Newborn Human Being,  now you can use the Baby-Box!  Personally, i think the baby is better off in a box than with any parent who would even consider doing this….but after all, we are living in the De-Humanized Psychopathic Satanic Society that no one notices because it has been slipped over our Mindless Hearts with the subtleties only the Devil could achieve…..read on!      http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jun/10/unitednations-europe-news


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