Here is a great article that will help de-stress you in this incredibly stressful and depressing time….suicide has topped the charts in both the Military and here at home.  That is very sad.  (ha ha)  i have already seen it being blamed on the economic situation, and though that may be playing a part, i feel that is a misdirection.  Our whole Society is built wrong…..the manner in which the workplace is run is very stressful for most people, and for a few Templar Notes  (i got that from Freeman)  half of which the Government illegally takes anyway!  And the Military must be a horrible place to be…..i have so much respect for those soldiers and what they have to go through.  i don’t blame them, i just think they are being used by the Controllers as their Dogs of War, and they care NOTHING for them.  Which is why i hate it when they try to use that psy-op crap and say that anti-war protesters don’t care about the soldiers….we care about them more, that’s why we want them home!   Hopefully this article will give you atleast a few tips on breathing easy…..


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