Space travel is becoming Corporate, of course, and that could be a very bad thing as we have seen how Corporations operate….they are basically a Machine that eats Money to survive, it has no Human Heart in control, just Humans operating the machinery.  Anyway, many UFO believers believe that the Elite are travelling to Mars on a regular basis right now, and are even leaving Earth en masse in order to escape the coming disaster or disasters, whatever they may be.  i don’t mean to depress anyone, i do not think we should focus our Consciousness on anything Negative as our Thoughts are Things, as Edgar Cayce said, and we do affect our Reality.  Despite the Hollywood movies imprinting upon us these Apocalyptic horrors, maybe the Controllers are playing into our own expectations that something horrifying will happen, as in the warning  “be careful what you wish for”  or in this case, what you fear.  Check out this Rocket and how it works, though…….


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