Here we go with an extreme example of the De-Humanization that is being pushed upon Society, as well as the constant inference of Child Sacrifice……Medical Ethicists, who deserve neither title, are saying that newborn babies are NOT persons, and can therefore be killed if the parents choose.  If the parents decide after the birth that they have changed their minds and do not want to raise an innocent Human Soul for whatever selfish reason, the Medical Priests have given the OK…..and remember, with Obama Care and the Government in control of our Health this could easily become a reality.  So why are so-called professionals imprinting these horrible thoughts onto the Mass Consciousness?   Because it appears, when examining all aspects of Society, that a Satanic type of Evil is in Control, if not THE Satanic Evil.  Using the boiling frog metaphor, we began with Abortion….somehow using Suspension of Disbelief to avoid facing exactly what is occurring during this  ”procedure”.  And now here we are, and i can hardly believe it.   And while pedophelia has to be the most horrid and disgusting act a Human can commit, it is still happening with a frequency that is truly frightening.  That in itself should be questioned, why no one is jumping up screaming  ”WHAT IS GOING ON???”   Then we have Abortion, where most of Society was brain-washed into believing that a Fetus is not a Soul filled Entity.  And now we have this….Newborns are not to be considered persons.  What is so sick about our Society is that we are not being forced by gun point to do these things, we are fooled into accepting them…..i provided a few links, and may God have Mercy on our Souls……


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