i am sure you have noticed how the attitude of police has changed over the years, whether it is chasing a bomb suspect or questioning a driver…..the job of the Police is very difficult, dangerous and stressful, and they are definitely heroes as we see at times like 911…..and as Individual Human Beings i have no issue….however as a group, which is usually how they exist, in packs, their attitudes have become increasingly aggressive and violent….hitting women in some cases, shooting recklessly, and being verbally abusive….in the case of the Boston Bombing and other incidents that are becoming too common they are dressed liked Futuristic Military Super Soldiers and act that way as well….what is going on?  When Clinton was Governor he referred to his State Police detail as his  “personally trained pigs”, and that is exactly how the Elite refer to them….they are not educated, they are trained, like dogs.  The Military wears dog-tags, no coincidence in that name.  The Elite are using the Police as muscle and an army against the People, in an effort to suppress and also instigate some kind revolution which they would love, because that would give Them the excuse to REALLY bring the boot down.   Here is a little insight into what’s going on…..


What a sad change… imagine what the next picture in 50 years will look like….


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