After Attorney General Janet Reno burned women and children to death in Waco because they were a  “cult”,  she was asked to define what a cult was.  One of her definitions was home-schooling.  Now the Attorney General, Eric Holder, says that home-schooling is not a parent’s right.  So obviously the Attorney Generals of this Country do not like home-schooling, which makes sense because it seems the purpose and intent of State Education is indoctrination and control.  But not a parent’s right?  The parent’s / citizen’s right is everything….they serve us, never forget that.  i understand that the first response to this is that a child will not be getting the proper education at home.  First, i think it would be very difficult to do a worse job of teaching than the Educational System does.  Second, i am not so sure that that is what the Attorney General is concerned with.   They took away prayer because it was offensive.  To whom?   Then they teach a THEORY, which is an unproven scientific guess, called Evolution.  This tells children that they are derived from monkeys….no mention of God, no mention of Soul, no mention of being a special, precious Human Being…..why?  Because they want the State to be the most powerful force in your life….



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