i cannot say enough about the Beauty of the Female, in both Form and Spirit….i have written about it many times, especially as it so strongly relates to the problems of today’s Society which all stem from the Male Patriarchal Psychopathic Ego.  Of course i do not mean to imply that all men are Psychopaths, and there are indeed Women with this deformity as well….but generally throughout history it has been the suppression of the Female, often brutal, combined with the Alpha-Male Monkey boot-stomping Male that has created this Society which worships money, pedophelia, degradation of women and children, war and violence, corporate greed, abuse of Nature and so on.  i am not calling Women weak when i say that i respect the Nurturing, Creative Essence…..this is not a bad way to be!  The Creation and Nurturing of another Human is the most miraculous and wonderful Gift, in tune with Nature like a sweet melody, and an anathema to Man.  This ability to give Birth, by the way, is the only thing that Man cannot achieve by himself or steal by force as is their way, which is why it is degraded in Society.  i often wonder why Women are not curious as to WHY they feel ashamed and embarrassed when discussing anything to do with their Periods, and why Men constantly make fun of a Natural and Beautiful act of Nature…..we are in dire need of a change!   And Feminism to me was a devious misdirection – rather than Women rising up and becoming the Essence of the Female, they were only given back what was wrongfully taken from them in the first place, such as the right to vote and have a career.  And the Goddess Energy which they could have used to Spiritually lift Society was instead diverted  into imitating Man….which is not a very intelligent idea since Man is the tool and fool of the Controllers!  (ever notice that during the Suffragette Era was when Women also began to smoke?)   So instead Women became Wage Slaves, doubling the Controller’s workforce in the Machine, also doubling the amount of illegal taxes they could rob from them.  (look up the legality of Federal Tax)   And while it is obvious to me and many others that Women are capable of having a career, why was raising a Child considered not as fulfilling?  i would much rather spend time with my Child, teaching and playing with a growing, miraculous  Human Being than working  in a stressful work environment doing repetitive tasks which quite frankly in the scheme of things mean absolutely  nothing.  So rise up, you Beautiful Songs of Nature, and take back the Earth!

With Love To All,

bobby –

For some deeply inspirational writings i highly recommend the amazing Laura Magdalene Eisenhower  (yes, she is related to Ike) at Cosmic Gaia:  http://cosmicgaia2012.com/


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