Sheriff Ric Bradshaw  (sounds like he’s from a Made-For-TV movie)  has been given one million dollars by the Florida House and Senate to fight crime via prevention….that is, stopping a person from committing a crime before they actually commit it.  And since you need to be psychically ordained in order to achieve this, i am immediately in doubt about the legitimacy and efficacy of this new program.

But of course we all know that this is not about logic or justice or even clairvoyance but just more Control.  Sure, if we had a policeman inside of every home then we could say that grandma would never fall down the stairs and junior would never get abused.  (Actually this is already being done in England via CCTV that gets installed if a family gets in trouble with family services, so this insane world has even made my arrogant attempt at humor invalid….wow).   Sheriff Ric Bradshaw  (cue music)  says to report to the hotline  if someone is spouting off at work.  This is a big gray area, as we have all spouted off at work.   i am spouting off as i speak…..that’s different than the weird guy in the cubicle next to you mumbling about strangling his bitch of a wife.  And the past events he cleverly mentions which could have been prevented by such a means, namely Newtown and  “the movie theatre”,  are considered by many NOT to have been committed by ordinary citizens.  So he is using the fear from examples that are not even valid!  The whole thing is as see-through as lingerie… (cue Ric Bradshaw)…..and we should be calling the cops on THEM, and THEY should be seeing therapists.  Not everyone who hates the government is going to blow something up.  i humbly suggest that Sheriff Ric Bradshaw  (cue irony) reads up on the Constitution, to prevent himself from committing the crime of violating our rights.



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