Water Privatization can lead to instant Control quite quickly….”Food as a Weapon”,  as the United Nations refers to such a lovely concept.   i remember reading how the American Indians, when being asked by the  “settlers”  to sell the land, could not even understand the concept.  It was not that the American Indians philosophically disagreed with the idea of buying and selling land, they couldn’t even comprehend the Ego and lightness that one could take from the Great Spirit, the mechanics and needs and wants involved….the Earth belongs to the Creator, the Great Spirit, it is for everyone and the Design of Nature and the Universe provide Energy and Food for all….the scarcity and fear we live within now is unecessary.  So how can anyone own a piece of the Earth?  They can say that they do, and if Society agrees with the contrived and man-made laws which they all agree to follow, then they can all act like players in a great Stage Play, they can imagine themselves Kings and Queens, but it does not make it so.  They have all just agreed to believe in the same fantasy, and therefore within their own Theatre of the Absurd they have made it come true, it is their reality.  But it is not THE REALITY.   And not just from a Spiritual viewpoint but what kind of Ego must one have to want to do so and THEN to do so?  The same kind of Ego that would wipe these people out with a viscous Holocaust while at the same time put other Human Beings in chains like Animals…..there is a completely different mindset existing here.  just a Machine that eats Money, will act for the Public’s good any better.


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