This is dangerous talk, and goes along quite conveniently with Sheriff Ric Bradshaw’s un-American idea of  “Prevention Detention”.

Oh no, my dear, the burden of proof is NEVER on anyone to prove that they are innocent of anything.   Not even words, which are often spoken out of emotion and Ego, mean ANYTHING until put into action.  Words cannot be considered proof of any guilt.  Only Action can.    The carefully worded phrase  “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”   is not just a legal provision,  it is the safety valve that protects the Human Being from extreme and full slavery, even outside and beyond the Constitution and this great Country.   It is only the Spiritual Laws which must be followed and will always trump the twisted double-speak controlling laws of mad men.   After all, if we were to follow this NYPD Official’s philosophy as he himself prescribed,  then the Official himself would have to prove without a doubt that he is not a Control-Freak Fascist.  For his words, which WILL lead to Law and therefore injustice through action,  prove quite evidently that he is indeed a Control-Freak Fascist.  Law is a two way street, you see.  If it is not then we are back to Fascists and Kings ruling over the masses,  and i am sure that They support at least some version of Democracy, right?  Hmmmm…..But there is no Legal Logic here, there is no Justice here, and there is certainly no Democracy here.  So stop barking these ridiculous Hitleresque statements at the People which do nothing but encourage fear and de-humanizing laws, as well as place the average Citizen in a defensive position while placing yourself in the position of Controller and Decider…..both are false starts to begin with, and we see right through you.



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