It is so easy and very understandable for most of us to ignore or dismiss an anomaly that enters into our pre-conceived notions such as Crop Circles, Extra-Dimensionals or Extra-Terrestials.  This is because we have become so dependent upon our Authorities such as Doctors, Scientists, Policeman, and the Government to let us know what is going on in a truthful and objective manner.  Well,  History has proven quite the opposite, that these people and organizations are actually keeping information concerning our Reality and Existence away from us.  We cannot even count on the Media to do any investigative journalism, and i am not so sure that any type of journalistic integrity even exists anymore in any largely effective form.  As for the Internet you may find Truth there, but it will take quite a bit of discerning study to separate the fools ;and the intentional disinformation from  the real and accurate research.  But it is well worth the study.

The unexplained anomaly of Crop Circles does indeed exist, whether the Media chooses to ignore it or not.  You must decide for yourself whether your Reality is based upon what the Television, Government and  “Authorities”  tell you, or what you yourself explore, search and decide for yourself.  Remember, your Thoughts affect your and other’s Reality, so don’t allow anyone else to lie or shape your Perceptions on what is  going on in this Miraculous World.  i have included a few links and Videos that may elucidate some folks on the many possible explanations and the seemingly impossible existence  for Crop Circles, but i always encourage everyone to search out Information for themselves, there is plenty out there!

The fantastic researcher Linda Moulton Howe with Disclose T.V.:

The unique Physicist Nassim Haramien on Crop Circles:

And always trying to investigate with an open mind all sides and Logically i must also provide this blog:



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