The desire or will of a Government body to make Seeds or Plants illegal is a major sign of severe micr0-control and Psychopathy…..the owning and controlling of Nature is nothing less than Satanic behavior, pure and simple.   It violates every Natural right that we have as Humans and Citizens, and only a  Totalitarian regime demands such a thing for its people.  It is the action of a James Bond super-villain.   Of course They don’t want anyone growing their own gardens and being self-sufficient, and they also want us to be dependent upon Them.  And whatever the reasoning or excuse, whether it comes in the guise of Fear of Luxury, we must see it for what it is…..the Pig in the Dress, and the Pig is quite clearly a group of men who think they can own God’s Creations.

The original versions of this insane Law were protested against and a lesser but still severe one was finally introduced…..They are furiously busy designing a Global System of anti-Human slavery through the United Nations that will not be felt immediately here at home, and we do no nothing if we are aware at all.  But once all the Laws are in place and the doors are shut the American public is going to start panicking –  but by then it will be too late…..we must speak up now and show that we are aware and against this extreme and Evil Futuristic Society which they are foisting upon all of us.


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