There is an underlying sadness to this headline, a melancholy i cannot quite describe……i have come to rely upon the philosophy of the American Indian as a means for oberving other Human Behavior in a new light.  It is not that they were perfect or didn’t fight, but i never heard of an Indian Tribe with a police force… fact their Councils are made up of both Elders and Women…..they weren’t stupid and they were around for quite a while, and yet they had no interest in pursuing weapons sicker than the bow and arrow.  In fact they could not even comprehend the idea of owning land when they were made the offer by the Colonists.   It was not that they were philosophically against it,l it was just that their Spirituality was not compartmentalized;  it permeated their entire lives.  How could any man possibly own the Earth, the Great Spirit’s Creation?  And this is why i often reference the American Indian, because there seems to be a huge psychological difference between the Alpha-Male aggressiveness  of the Western European and other tribes around the world….. usually the ones with many Gods and Goddesses, and the ones who seemed fairly peaceful and generally kept to themselves.  Also notice how the Western European, from the Pharoahs to the Caesars to the Kings to the Presidents enjoy stomping out the tribal people’s history?  It’s not enough to kill and enslave, an erasure in the timeline must also occur apparently.   Like when the Romans destroyed the Jews in 70ad…..they went after and killed the Rabbi’s, the carriers of the Wisdom.  That says something.   We can declare ourselves Christian and therefore against the killing of another Human, yet we will go to war, not even a defensive one, and kill plenty.  Oh, but that’s different i suppose.  So anyway, their avoidance of Technology and following of the Natural path was the key their non pathological way of lie…..but that is a common universal law,at the heart of the Buddhists, the Christians, the Indians……Nature is peace and Humans are Naure.  So it bothers me that the great, Ancient Indian Languages are in danger of becoming lost, and that Technology may be the only way to save the situation.



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