Our Society is not only run by Psychopaths, it rewards Psychopathic behavior.  Psychopathy does not always have to do with the cutting up of a body and putting it in a freezer…..lack of empathy, predatory behavior, money as a spiritual god, hate and anger will do fine enough when it comes to destroying or traumatizing a sensitive Human Being or Beings…..anything Negative.  i have taken this a step further (not my own created theory) when i believe that there is an organized Evil,  for which i use a capitalized  “E”, or in religious terms Satan –  that is in Control of Civilization and has been for many generations.  This is a form of possession, not the Hollywood version of spinning heads and vomiting exactly but that is how one can be misdirected away from a valid concept……but a person’s Free Will allows a walk-in to occur for different reasons, and it is these High Level Leaders of the Humans in this condition who are being directed by another group of Entities to Control this Planet in a more and more Evil way.  And i do not believe this because i am a Biblical Christian, i believe it because of the Evidence and Logic……but the fact that it all connects back and relates to the Bible and Christ  makes it all the more powerful and believable.  Why is every aspect of our Society working in a poisonous and non-human way?  Why has war been a constant and multiple occurring event across the World for centuries?  Why is pedophelia so insanely common,  and for that matter why the hell does it  exist at all?  Why is the poison Fluoride INTENTIONALLY put in our drinking water?  i could go on and on, and that is exactly the problem….

Here is the GRTV Vido by James Corbett:



Here is the Article:





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