First of all, let me just express my sincere relief and distinct pleasure that any decision to end my life will not be decided by a lifeless piece of Technology.  It is so refreshing to know that within this choking quicksand we call reality there is one thing i do not have to worry about, and that is Technology having the ability to decide whether i continue to exist or not.  i am sure that this will exist in our near future,  so i want to thank the United Nations personally and let them know how much i appreciate their kindness in not setting Killer Machines with no Human over-ride after me.   i also wish to compliment the U.N. on their regard for Human Life…… i can only imagine how difficult and challenging the intellectual, philosophical and political science debate that must have raged on in that back room….i am very sure that the time is very near for Killer Autonomous Robots.   Maybe the prototype isn’t finished yet, or the programming may need a tweak or two.  After all this seems like the World Order U.N. dream……perhaps it is too early for the people to accept.  Drones at least have a Human override, while Lethal Autonomous Robots, or LARS, have NONE.   So the only mental and physical objection to war, the human element, has been slowly removed through Technology.  First came bombing and chemicals like Agent Orange from planes,  and bombing or the Bomb, and this reduced the face to face Human aspect as well as narrowed it down to fewer men.  Then came the Drone, where a soldier half way across the world in a video-game scenario which he has been training on since he was 5 was created and  the Human element was even further removed.  And now the only Human Being that has to be present is the one being killed…. This is an important concept in fighting anywhere but especially at home, where an American soldier, despite mind-control programming, might have a slight case of Humanity and Patriotism when it comes to shooting an old lady.  But problem solved!  LARS will shoot an old lady AND require no expensive psychological assistance afterward.   And someday maybe LARS will be in every American home along with his ancestors the Television and the Microwave…..

Notice how we are supposed to be comforted when the scientists tell us that the Lethal Automaton would never act on revenge or anger, or even torture people.  Oh thank god these are not emotionally disturbed killing machines…..and we are supposed to be thankful for this.  These unique and disturbing characteristics are particular to Humans only.  So the Lethal Robot will not kill me if i insult it or emotionally upset, it will only kill me if i have a small amount of drugs on me or if i cross the street incorrectly.

There is already semi-autonomous weaponry out there, and i am sure as Technology never gets nicer and never goes backwards that there will indeed be a Terminator-like future, at least on the Time-Line that we are heading along right now.



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