The Medical Industry is a powerful and organized part of this Controlled Society…..there are no other alternatives for Healing made readily available to the People, and there are certainly many more Theories and Solutions available than the holy word chemicals insisted upon by the Medical Church.  They are Mechanics that do an amazing job saving lives every day,  but they miss or ignore the many important aspects of the body that do exist, like the Etheric Fields and Astral Planes.  And while i can see the Scientific Reasoning for this, without a Holistic or complete examination of a System that is Interconnected and also diversely complicated than no true understanding can even begin.  No definitive statement can never be considered a certain Truth.   These alternative ideas do exist but they are systematically destroyed, history being littered with the fragments of innocent attempts at Natural Health.  This is one reason that the Spiritual Writings of   “savage”  tribes in the Americas and Africa were destroyed.    So now here it is in existence today, with a different look and a different reason for existing,  but the Intention is the same…..to have your Health and Spirit completely controlled by the State.  i may be experiencing a form of Reverse Cynicism here,  but somehow i think there would be more to just owning us Heart and Soul  (ha ha) –  Those who have been abducted claim the Aliens are interested in our Soul, the Old and New Testaments among many other Spiritual Writings discuss a battle of our Soul,  perhaps there are far deeper calculations to be considered in this interminable, three-dimensional matrix of a Chess game…..



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