You didn’t think that They would give us all this great Technology to play around with without a master plan where we all get it in the arse,  did you?    i have to admit it’s absolutely brilliant convincing people to give up their rights for protection from something we don’t even have proof exists.    It’s kind of like a rapist offering to walk you home…..




  1. Perfect. People are even eager to post there whereabouts on foursquare, delighted at virtual “rewards”. Yippeh, how many likes can you get on facebook? As if that would make a difference? the world has entered a weird competition?

    • I agree with you, it’s so crazy isn’t it? But even before the Internet i’m sure these people were distracted by other mindless pursuits and trivial validations….let me ask you, if i’m not getting too personal, what is of importance and interest to you? I love that your not interested in facebook likes, that may end up being a test for AI’s or clones in the near future….

      • Haha- so amusing that there are apps developed by leading psychology institutes to catorize us by our likes and dislikes. So I make sure I like liberal and republican pages alike, mixing anti-monsanto-picture likes with happy housewife recipe pages and your average island dream sites haha. I am quite sure that after WW2 there wont be any trucks coming to load, lets say, all pro-traditional-marriage people up and ship them to special “tolerance and political correctness awareness camps”. Nice thought for a movie though, don’t you think? Soon we will have social network management bureaus who you pay so they cover your twitter and facebook existence with acceptable quotes… I am into anything human I guess. Check out my blog. Life in Southafrica has brought me to the edges of sanity at times and yet I manage to bake a cake for my church. Amazing. (Sarcasm? Optimism? Cynical idealist?) Enjoy life!

      • I really dig your writing style as well as your attitude, i look forward to checking out your blog….in regard to sarcasm i find it to be a very useful tool as it satisfies the frustration we face with these topics, and it does help in getting a point across. i like your idea of a social network management bureau, you have a natural and unique style with great ideas i hope you keep it up….
        As for staying sane i highly recommend it. i have had some very dark times with depression….until i realized that i was a failure in life by Society’s standards, but Society is insane and psychopathic so i was not a failure at all….to think that i almost killed myself because i could not reconcile my Spirituality with the Reality of what was going on and thus felt so out of place, it angers me that they almost won. The friction of my Soul against the Culture was too much. People like us who are Spiritual Individuals and able to see that the World is a Zoo and an Asylum do pay a price, it is truly hard. Society does not like the Individual, we must be in the World but not of it. If we get to close to the Machine we are sure to get chewed up in the gears….

        Thank you for writing,
        Love and Light,

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