Thinking is now officially illegal….if your Thoughts are not accepted it is apparent that you will be punished as is the case right here with Lauren Hill.   So what evil did she commit in the eyes of the State?   She bravely and intelligently went on a little rant on her Tumblr  account about how the Music Industry is   “manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex”.    And she is absolutely correct.  i really don’t want to see any more pain come to Lauren, but she may be the next martyr that gets put up on the cross….to be punished for having ideas is so far beyond Freedom and Logic i no longer know what Dimension i am inhabiting.  And to be “counseled”  which is just a deceiving word for re-education only shows how serious They are.  But we did learn something.  We learned that Imagination and Thoughts are very harmful to the Controlling Powers.  Love is too.  Otherwise there would not be such an intentional and serious oppression of these things.


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