i don’t know who is still watching the Mainstream Media these days, and it is up to them if they choose to do so…..i just believe that these people should at least be made aware of certain things:  That there is no longer anything that resembles investigative journalism.   That the information you are receiving is coming from the owners, a very small group of Corporations, and the advertisers, another small group of Corporations.  Corporations are a Machine that lives off of money.  They do not care about you, they would just as soon eat you.  This is what is controlling, filtering, and censoring your News.  Every News Show is just that,  a show with money and production value just like a movie.  Even appearances by politicians are well planned and produced.   The BBC  magically obtained footage of Building 6 collapsing on 9/11  before it actually did, why they don’t travel the Time-Line for more stories i don’t know……below is an old classic from CNN where this idiot reporter whose name i will not take up space in my head for tries to convince us that he’s in danger with his gas mask and switching hats like Laurel and Hardy when he is really safe inside the CNN studio.  It is a Puppet-Show within a Puppet-Show, and one day the Sun will rise like every other day only on this glorious day no one will watch the News.  The Transmission will be sent but not Received.

And now, the previously ridiculous but now the lying, fake and ridiculous Nancy Grace!  Here Nancy is pretending that she is on an important satellite call, when in fact the other person is really outside in the parking lot.  It suddenly occurs to me that Nancy Grace was probably the most horrible little girl in the world growing up……

Now check out this guy…..CNN knew about this of course, and these are the Authorities on Information?


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