There is something missing here, something that doesn’t quite make sense.  It is unsettling and unprecedented that  17  Officers in charge of Nuclear Launches were suddenly stripped of their duties and made to attend an intense refresher course…..so what happened?  On the surface this group apparently did very poorly in a test, but there seems to be more going on.  The Commander, Col. Folds, said in an e-mail that:  “We as an Operations Group  have fallen and it is time to stand ourselves up” …..he also mentioned that there is rot in the crew, and recommended  turning off the T.V.’s.   To be put in charge of or involved with Nuclear Launch Controls requires certain exceptional qualities of a person,  and for 17  of these Officers to suddenly be removed from their responsibilities all at once is a strange occurrence,  and there is probably more to this story than we are being told…..



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