We all keep waiting for the Future and the Apocalypse to appear as if it will somehow be announced on the  Holy Television of the Magick  Image  ( The New Arc of The Covenant )  – but it will not occur at a specific time or day, and it will not be announced.  The Future and the Psychic Aether that attaches to it as its waves spiral toward us in multiple dimensions is constantly flowing over us.  It is Thought that manifests into the Reality that is the Future,  otherwise it is just waves forever crashing against the Existential shore, fragmenting and shattering  possible Futures….. the Future is here, it is always here and it is always on its way… just changes its form when we Perceive it into what we refer to as the Present,  and then we don’t recognize or appreciate it anymore.  But we are living in it right now.  Don’t waste your precious Time on Futuristic hopes and dreams do what you want NOW,  activate your Life NOW,  and Create your Future……

Now here is the Video of the first Robotic Insect Drone… They can literally be a  “fly on the wall”.   Do you think that this will be used on the American public?   (ha ha)   If all this incredible amount of money and Technology were used in a Spiritual way, what an amazing Society this would be:

And here is the article from Forbes:


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