i have never liked the idea of Make-Up… implies that a Woman is not pretty enough by her natural self unless she puts chemicals and paint on her face in order to enhance her Natural Beauty.  i don’t like the idea that a Woman has to feel as though she must look pretty, either for a man or for any other social encounter including work.   So despite the fake parade that was Feminism and the supposed acceptance of Women as equals n our Society, we still expect and pressure them to dress up for us.  But because Television and Hollywood and Magazines have inundated and imprinted upon our Minds the Image of a tarted up Woman,  any Woman without Make-Up looks  “plain”  to us.  But that is because we have been trained to expect, accept and appreciate the contrived and created image….being thin is another Image we have been Imprinted with – People come in all shapes and sizes, and all colors and styles.  That is the Nature of Humanity and that is not only Miraculous but it provides for the Uniqueness we all possess…..and that Uniqueness is your Power which is why they want to subdue your Individuality and turn you into Clones.  But a Woman considers herself fat or overweight if she does not fit the Template set by the Social Engineers,  when in fact most of these Women are not overweight.  Rather they have sensual Curves and Softness,  the fullness that is the Mother, the Lover, the Goddess….the real and Natural shape of a Woman, not the surgically designed air-brushed plastic model Puppet that dominates the covers of Entertainment Propaganda Magazines.

The Cosmetic Industry is a massively influencial business,  all contrived and unnecessary while at the same time abusing animals as well as Women.  And now,  just to add that Evil touch to an already Psychopathic concept, it turns out that these products contain toxic metals…..are we even surprised anymore?  It is not really surprising that any Corporation that invents a product that is unneeded and takes advantage of the Human Psyche will also have no problem poisoning you…..and don’t forget that absorption  through the skin is an effective and deadly delivery system for poisons.  

From Berkeley News Center:

And from Natural Health News:

P.S.   i am waiting for the Women to rise up and not imitate the Template of Man but rather the Template of the Goddess, which resides inside each and every one of you…..i believe that Women who take on the Goddess Spirituality have the most Power to change this Society……Love, bobby


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