That’s a big difference from The United Nations own News Center article,  which is trying so hard to imply that Syria is using Chemicals…..    http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=42538#.UYxQHbX_mSo      basically they are trying to pick a fight, to give the false impression that the real aggressors are actually coming in like the cavalry to save the day and spread democracy, which is just an excuse to stomp around on someone else’s Country, steal their resources and kill the innocents.    What they do is they have different politicians from different countries saying provocative things that have no factual basis – such as:  “I really hope the international community is keeping an eye on this situation”……or even:   “If Syria uses Chemicals that would be reprehensible”……do you see how they create a dramatic situation and perception without any evidence when there was none to begin with?   They also point out that Syria doesn’t belong to the No-Chemical club,  the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemicals.   While that is not a positive sign,  it sure doesn’t prove that Syria will use Chemicals.   It doesn’t matter what is real or true,  what matters is the perception that the American people have of Syria…..when that is manipulated and then implanted by Media repetition to the point where America can blast its way in to Syria looking like saviors, then mission accomplished.   It’s not that i think Syria is anything special,  but let’s be fair, that’s all.  We are picking fights with Countries we can destroy with ease.  For the benefit of fooling the American people into thinking that we are not an Imperialistic Military Machine,  America can never look like the aggressor.  That is why Pearl Harbor was necessary.  That is why 9/11  was needed.   It’s called picking a fight, and every Alpha-Male Monkey is familiar with the procedure.  The United States and the United Nation will keep trying to find a way to make Syria look evil to everyone……but now, and personally i am surprised, the United Kingdom has said that there is no evidence that the Syrians have used Chemicals.  In fact  David Cameron believes the Nerve Gas situation was initiated by the Regime…..what a surprise:




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