When i first became aware of Wikipedia i was instantly suspicious of such a unique enterprise that also held the responsibility of informing people…..this is usually the perfect breeding ground for a propaganda or disinformation site.  And if it was not originally intended as such,  any site that so many people turn to first for information will usually become subverted over time.   It also interested me when viewed as a massive Sociological Experiment, which i am sure that it is.  My personal preference remains looking up what i need in a dictionary.   When i am searching for information i am not terribly interested in a communal collaboration of pseudo-egotistical factotems which are constantly in flux and repeatedly being re-pasted by any stranger who just happens to be passing by.  (No offense to the intellect of the general public).  So why did we ever need dictionaries and encyclopedias when all along we could have just shouted our query out the window hoping for the best?   But Synchronicity does not work in mysterious ways, and so in the span of just two days i heard quite a few distressing things about Wikipedia,  all from reliable sources.

The first was by Lloyd Pye,  http://www.lloydpye.com/  a respected researcher who is not afraid to seek answers outside of the Scientific Box.   And this is a serious problem with our Sciences today,  because most of the answers that we seek exist outside this Box where the Medical Priests refuse to go.  They are either keeping the Esoteric Wisdom from the people,  or they are just ignorant.  i am sure it is the former, but either way these Medical Monkey Controllers have had too much power for too long…..we are in dire need of Healers.   Yet Lloyd Pye is finding answers to questions that were unable to be answered in the past because scientists continued to search only within that Box.  But he is essentially being censored.  In a video he stated that graduate students do most of the editing on the Site, and whether he meant his own Site or all Sites on Wikipedia i was not sure, but he was complaining of always having to write to Wikipedia and repeatedly correct their errors as the students are just indoctrinated with what the Medical Mainstream is telling them.  And so the end result is the censoring of Lloyd Pye’s excellent research,  while they just call it  “editing”  or  “correcting”.

Mother Jones points out   http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2011/01/wikipedias-gender-problem  that Wikipedia’s contributor base is barely 13%  Women.  That is a severe slant on a Site that implies to be a post-modern experiment in communal input.   This also brings up a point that i have made in other blogs concerning the personality of those who desire to control and tell people what to do:  These people are usually those who are active in proselytyzing their agenda in anyway they can.  This includes posting material everywhere and anywhere,  especially on the popular Wikipedia Site.  Mother Jones noticed the same inclination….to paraphrase in my own arrogant way,  it is not generally in the personality of the Goddess that is Woman to be interested in documenting their view on everything.   Rather it is the Patriarchal Alpha-Male who is both comfortable and persistant in these endeavors.   Wikipedia material consisting of over  87%   Male input certainly does not imply a balanced spectrum.   That statistic alone destroys any Utopian dream of a collective conscious.    You can find quite a few excellent articles on the power, influence and controversy of Wikipedia from Mother Jones right here:         http://www.motherjones.com/search/apachesolr_search/wikipedia

Either Wikipedia has left a trail of inhuman treatment all through the Internet, or Synchronicity is pounding on my door.  Or both.  i just caught this article in Alter.Net  about a man who took an American Novelist who happened to be Female, and moved her from the American Novelist list to the American Women Novelist list.   He then proceeded to do the same again to another Female author, and then created a category called Nigerian Women Novelists.   So keep referring to Wikipedia for your Information folks,  just relax and allow your Perceptions to be directed by idiots you don’t even know.   It is not just the pure Information which can be tainted, it is the presentation and manipulation of the way you view things…..very dangerous:   



It is understandable that it is the Women who get hurt, for i believe that Women in their Ultimate Form can be the Saviours  of our sick Society. 

And then while searching for more info on this topic,  without using the Wikipedia page, i Synchronistically came across a very detailed and studied account of the pmasychology, process and workings of Wikipedia….discussing the efficacy of  “peer governance”.   http://firstmonday.org/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/2613/2479 .  It is quite a lot of work and study and i haven’t had time to read through it,  but you may find it useful and informative.

Of course i have saved the best for last.  i am quite sure that there are many more complaints regarding Wikipedia,  but my final example is also the one that moved me emotionally enough to write this in the first place.    It concerns the people who are suffering from Morgellons Disease.  For starters, these poor people are not only extremely sick  but they receive the worst treatment, both physically and psychologically.  They are told by the Boxed in Medical Priests of the Holy Mechanical Body that they are hypocondriacs imagining bugs beneath their skin.   What is illogical about this explanation is that having this particular mental disorder is so extremely rare that for doctors to tell Morgellons patients that this is what they have is statistically impossible!   It is also very insulting.  The Medical Mafia will not recognize Morgellons, and that is a horrible thing for the suffering patients and for the World.  To ignore a new, advanced and unprecedented disease is terribly irresponsible.  Of course all these people aren’t imagining fibers growing out of the sores on their bodies and seeing them move.  They know what they see and they know what they feel.  Morgellons is being ignored on purpose, probably because it is some insane top secret  Nano-Tech disease project……many researchers of abductions associate it with Extra-Terrestials,  others say it is related to GMO’s…..whatever it is it is Technologically advanced, alive or programmed, organic or inorganic, and scientists have absolutely no idea where to begin….this is as real and crazy as it gets,  folks.  Sign Of The Times Website has quite a bit on Morgellons…. http://www.sott.net/    Whatever it is and wherever it comes from one thing is for sure…..Morgellons represents something which Humans have never encountered before and many are suffering from horribly now.   And yet Wikipedia is having problems passing on any new information,  to the detriment of those with the disease.  Oh my, what a coincidence.  http://www.sfgate.com/business/prweb/article/Anonymous-Editing-on-Wikipedia-Keeps-Morgenollons-4498193.php#ixzz2SnWrCZqn   Maybe i am too cynical,  maybe cynicism has been made obsolete in these daze of trance……can optimism survive in any environment?

When all the Books of the World have disintegrated into dust,  and Libraries are just  Myths told to Children before bedtime,  then all of the Information, Ideas and Creativity of the people will exist solely on the Internet…..History, Science, Religion…..and all of this Wisdom of the Ages can be subject to change with the push of a button.  Or erased completely.  History is not fluid.  Truth is not a slippery concept that changes over time…..Wikipedia may not be Wicked right now or ever,  but the stage has been set and the Experiment has begun……


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