i know that i go on about the change in the attitude of the police,  but it is true and it is representative of something very bad.   A father of four was beaten to death by nine other men whose job it is to protect us.   He allegedly resisted arrest when the police approached him and asked if he was the one who had made a complaint call about a drunk guy.  Back up was called,  and while begging for his life nine policeman beat him with batons until he was dead….think about the brutality and sickness it takes to hit another Human Being so many times that he dies.  Think abut why nine policeman had to be involved in beating this man to death……once again i shall refer to the Alpha-Male Psychopath……i believe they enjoy creating Evil, pain and death.  Why was he even approached for resisting arrest?  Why couldn’t they hit him once or twice,  which  i still believe is Sick,  but i am trying to make a point…..there is a blood lust in this event.   There is something seriously wrong with certain parts of our police departments.  Nine men beating one man to death while he begs for his life,  i will call that Satanic.  It certainly wasn’t a very Christian thing to do.  And whether you believe in Christ or Satan or not,  at least you can use them as references, societal archetypes if you will.

And of course all cell phone cameras were confiscated and a dog released…..i don’t think the Nazi’s were this bad!  And by that i mean we are staring right into the face of the same Psychopathy that existed  in Germany then…..these are the types of events that have  inspired me to do my blogs.  i’m a Musician!  i should be jamming on the piano right now instead of writing about a poor man with four children whose life was brought to an unnecessary and tortuous end by a pack of wild, thuggish,  blood thirsty psychopaths that Society gives guns and Authority to….. an end by nine thugs who are definitely violent with poisoned Hearts.  Among nine men not one felt any empathy and suggest that they stop…..they move in packs.   Something isn’t making sense here.  i do not know for sure, but i cannot believe that these men have wives and Children.  They have no empathy, no part of their brain even held them back or told them to stop.   What kind of Human is this?  Have they been brain-washed?   Was this some kind of Satanic Ritual?   Maybe they are not Human.  They could be Clones or Super Soldier experiments, all of that is real i have  read up on that stuff quite a bit…..the Black Ops Military.  Among many other very sick and Evil toys these perverted elves are working on,  the Super Soldier is one of them.  They use a hybrid of  Technology, Drugs, brain implants… is unbelievable someone would be working on all of this, which is one of the reasons i stopped believing that evil was just here and there and it sucked but it was part of  life.  No, i truly believe Evil exists.  But not to fear, for its counterpart exists as well.  And Love and Goodness are more powerful.  

What concerns me is that people will read this article and say how terrible that was, but they will only think in terms of those nine men and that police department……we must apply a wider range of thought.  This is happening in different versions all over the Country.  i do know for a fact that their target  training has changed… know those cardboard cut-outs of different characters, and you can’t shoot the little girl or the pregnant woman,  you have to hit the nasty looking guy with the gun?   Well, because of home-grown terrorism,  WHICH DOES NOT EXIST,  now you ARE supposed to hit the pregnant woman!  Because of course ANYONE can be a terrorist, and she might not even be pregnant,  that could be a bomb.

That reminds me to tell you of the invention of  “home-grown terrorism”…..HOME-GROWN TERRORISM WAS INVENTED TO CREATE A PERPETUAL WAR WITH A PERPETUAL ENEMY IN OUR OWN COUNTRY……that way they can engage in their favorite pastime, war, all day and every day.  That is why there are always wars going on all over the World all the time for centuries….Evil loves war because it creates everything they love – Fear, Death, Sickness, Hate, Disease, Chemicals, War Machines, Control, Money…..they literally feed off  of this Negativity… know how Love Energy feels,  whether it is from a little Child or being held by your Lover…. we know that this Energy is real,  absolutely,  and being Evil they feed off of the Negativity.   So they create wars and anything that brings out the Negative Energy that they either Feed off of or use as a Drug or both.   This fake invention of terrorism existing here in America is a way to keep everyone off balance…..and they use it to create more and more controlling laws, to create a general feeling of Negativity whether it is Fear, Anger or Worry……remember the color chart they came up with to rate what kind of terror day we were gonna have?   Don’t ever fall for that idiotic sick manipulation……no one is going to show me a third grade chart and try to manipulate my emotions.   And please don’t fall for this fake war,  it does NOT exist,  you can see them testing us a little at a time.  Taking our shoes off at the airport,  and now airports are just sexual abuse check points……but i don’t want you to believe me just because i tell you,  research it for yourself!   Be an Individual!   Question Authority!

Something Wicked This Way Comes……


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