The Environmental Protection Agency sided with the Corporate Lobbyists of course and approved a pesticide which kills Bees.   Bees, who are so crucial to Nature’s and our life balance were already mysteriously and worryingly dying off,  the main suspect being pesticide.   But now when they die off for good and are extinct forever we will at least be sure of what happened.

Now most people are comparing this type of politics to Fascism, and there are more than a few similarities.  And while i do feel that Authoritarian Control is being sought after,  after all they already have the uniforms,  there is also a persistent Anti-Nature and Anti-Human message being pushed everywhere as well.  This i attribute to Evil with a capital  “E”,  and part of this is the Copyrighting of YOUR GENETIC CODE, and the owning of fruit and vegetable seeds by only Corporations…..owning Nature to that degree seems a bit like Lucifer wanting to become God,  and while i do believe the Authoritarian aspect is here and getting worse,  i also  believe there is a second act to this play that we should be preparing for as well.



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