When someone is told by a doctor that they have cancer,  the effect is an immediate and hopeless devastation.   The power of the word cancer,  especially the way our Society forces it to be treated,  is enough to imply a death sentence…..and since of course we regard Doctors as the All-Mighty Authorities over our own bodies,  anyone who is informed that they have cancer believes that their life is over – they have been Mentally destroyed,  and the Body follows what the Mind believes.   They have already lost the battle before they even leave the office.    And now there is the added bonus that over a million Women are told this when the results are FALSE…..This is more unacceptable and inhumane behavior from the Medical Community,  it is an emotion crime.  Now these poor Women,  whose lives have just been turned upside down and inside out,  will then have to suffer through the medieval tortures of  “modern”  medication and treatment.

But please read on from Natural News what more is involved in this Medical Mafia scam…..



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