i am always wondering….who would want that kind of job?  Whatever your view on Abortion would you want the job of extracting and killing a little Life-Form again and again day after day?  There has to be a certain personality that is non-empathetic to this or sickly enjoys it.  i have said the same thing about the Police….and i am only referring to these jacked-up, militarized, women hitting child smashing boot stomping brown shirt left-overs….these are not the Real Police i am referring to, who are emotionally and physically fit and believe in the Moral Code.  These are thugs and psychopaths hired for the very reason that they are unhinged mad dogs…..this is why nine of them beat an unarmed man to DEATH together…..that is very disturbing.  Who would want to be a cop these days?  Who would want to snap the necks and rip the spinal cords of fetuses?  ‘These are people i do not want to have a beer with.  Although i would be very interested in trying to determine what makes these people tick, which is probably what they do, tick, since they do not seem to be  Human.  And there is a reason why they are creating this new distorted psycho-cop, be sure of that…i think that the Grand Chess Masters would really love a revolution,  this would work to their advantage in many ways.

Should we include in our definition of Human the capability to beat a man to death?  Are you still a Human if you can rip and tear fetuses apart?  We are in such an Animalistic State of Mind right now…..a beautiful healthy woman is going to intentionally maim and distort her physical self by cutting her breasts off just because of a misdirected and uninformed FEAR of Cancer.  Suicide is now the national pastime, everyone is on a chemical, whether it i s from a Doctor or from the street or just a beer, sexual abuse, physical abuse, we crave sex and violence in our movies, on our TV’s,  and in our Video Games…..

So Gosnell is gone,  playing Chopin on the piano in his flea-infested house while cops searched it…….but Douglas Karpen of Texas is the new Gosnell,  twisting the heads off of live babies and stabbing them brutally to death as they were being born…..the nurse describes herself and the floor as being drenched in blood.  Now, if they need someone to kill fetuses and newborns and it is legal,  who do you think is going to apply for that job?

May The Creator Help Us All,

Peace and Light To You All…..



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