I have respect for Academia, and the idea that Theories should go through some sort of peer review…..but my research has also shown me that Academia is a gate-keeper of sorts.  This means that certain topics which certain aspects of the Government do no want talked about in an intelligent and informative manner WILL NOT get published.  Academia is one place where an eye can be kept on material that is being studied or about to be published.   There are many of those who have been fired,  or grants taken away. So the intelligent men and women in our Universities are discouraged from discussing certain topics.  Here is an article on the variety of censorship that occurs, holding back the Knowledge that we should be aware of:  http://www.messagetoeagle.com/etlifecensored.php

Which is why Harvard Psychiatrist  John Mack gave the UFO  Community a big boost by hypnotizing and regressing Abduction cases, because after talking to all these people he was smart enough to realize that there is something very strange going on.  There were others who were aware of this and also regressing Abduction patients,  and their input is invaluable…..but by being a Harvard Psychiatrist John Mack legitimized the phenomenon, as much as can be expected in this field, and more than that left behind a tremendous amount of excellent research.

The information he gathered from the regressive hypnosis of UFO abductees is fascinating, mind-opening and in some respects rather scary…..definitely a must read.



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