Lauryn Hill’s  “conspiracy theories”  are not those of a paranoid, delusional threat…..rather, what she said in Court which provoked this “counseling”  was one:  That as the child of former slaves she has had this economic system imposed upon her, and two:  That artists are being oppressed by a plot that involves the military and the media.

To begin with, i agree with her on both counts.  It is interesting that i do not come from slaves and therefore was not technically forced to live here,  but i am constantly asking myself the same Philosophical  question,  what am i doing in this Tribe of people whose Laws i do not understand or agree with,  whose Culture i do not understand or agree with?   So from her point of view as coming from a culture that was destroyed by the Europeans her point has merit.   And every one of us has this Economic System imposed upon us,  a ruthless and uncaring one at that,  that does not provide for growth or even comfort with at least a modicum of stability for even the middle-class now.   And as for the oppression of musicians,  of course that goes on.  Since the Music Industry is obviously pro-establishment,  and as Artists are generally easy going and peaceful,  any Artist that is big enough to influence a lot of people with ideas that the Industry does not like is surely going to be oppressed.  And yes i can definitely see the Media being complicit in this,  as they have been complicit in other unpleasantness before.   However,  i cannot honestly figure where the military would need to come in at this point, but suppression of the Artist with the help of the Media,  absolutely.

And the word  “counseling”  is just a code word for her views not being the same as the Societal Hive-Mind,  which means they feel she needs to be re-programmed,  or with all due respect,  they will attempt the re-education of  Miss Lauryn Hill.

i have a feeling they will fail miserably.

God Bless You,  Lauryn…..

Love and Light,



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