One they claim is from Israel’s Mossad,  the other they claim is from the CIA.   Certainly spying goes on,  and i don’t doubt that these two organizations are running around the world playing James Bond,  but is killing spies really something that needs to be done?   Maybe i just don’t like killing under any circumstance,  even war.  And i suppose it could be argued that spying falls under the category of war.  But as destructive as spying can be it still seems cold-blooded in a non-combative type of way.  And it surely doesn’t help with America’s opinion of Iran, either. But then, does Iran really care about that?   What if they just had the caught spies clean their streets and toilets,  showing the world that these are spies from top organizations around the world,  look at them now?….and please send more as we need dishwashers, too.


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