This is the beginning,  if you are aware of the Chess Moves imposed upon the Puppet-Show we call Society.    They always start with the Children,  for they are the easy ones to indoctrinate and they are the future….any megalomaniac will tell you that.  So what’s new in the Public School department?  What they are teaching the Children will teach us what They are up to…

Fema Camps are up for interpretation at this point,  there are many fear based beliefs about what they are.  Some people immediately and understandably relate them to the Nazi Concentration Camps, and that’s a logical and natural place to go.  That comes to my mind as well , but may i suggest reading or watching   “The Grapes of Wrath”  again,  for Steinbeck talks about the same things that are happening now with the banks and the police,  it is almost prophetic in a way.  Rather,  it is more likely that he saw what was really going on and it’s still going on today….the banks using the police and the economic situation to move people off their own land and farms and inevitably into these camps as it is the only way to work and live.  And while they may not be death camps,  they are restrictive and anti-human,  herding people more and more into inhumane living conditions that are under constant control.  

Now they are apparently getting Children used to the concept of Fema Camps, which to me is disgusting and uncalled for….


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