This is what i mean when i say that we are big Boys and Girls and we can do things without the Police either stopping it or imposing ridiculous laws…..have we become so accustomed to being chaperoned and told what to do that we don’t notice any more, or do we like it?  We cannot cross the damn street without laws that if broken open us up to punishment.  We have to pay for where we park which is insane,  and then we have to pay if the meter runs out because it is not enough to pay where you park,  there has to be a constant running of money and stress, that’s how the System is designed….and if a kind Soul puts money in the meter for other people,  he is subject to arrest.   Here is a Video i found about a group of people called the Merry Men who do just that, and are facing charges for it….the girl on the Video is very informative, but she is not afraid to swear occasionally if you don’t mind….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EKmSV8Pz9Q…..so what is this?  That is vindictive.  The whole System is vindictive and after Money and Control.   When someone has a heart attack or break their arm, we call the EMT’s and they do a fantastic job of healing and getting the person to the hospital,  unless you’re Princess Diana of course,  so why do the cops need to be there?  If there is violence or law breaking involved yes,  but why under these under conditions?

i don’t blame the Police Individually as people, i respect everyone, i really try.  But    as a group i believe they are being manipulated, by people who actually despise them and use them.

Like shutting down a little girl’s lemonade stand….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPKUUH7ytUo  and there are plenty of these on the Internet it’s unbelievable, not to mention other places they shut down like Raw Milk Farms.   And like the announcer said it’s very sad.  But we must ask why is this going on?  They didn’t have a business licence, but let’s look at the End Result…..Police shut down a little girl’s lemonade stand….the Policeman said the law is the law…..but the end result is inhumane and wrong.  What is going on?  If someone gets sick from the lemonade, then we proceed in a calm and logical manner where kindness is observed on both sides and the situation can be rectified to the satisfaction of both involved.  But that is not how our Court System works.

The problem is that we allow the Law, which has no Heart, to dictate to the programmed Police on how to react….we have Corporations, which affect huge aspects of  Society, is a machine that lives off Money and has no Heart….it is run by people as the cogs and gears,  but the Corporation makes the decision.  So our Society is essentially being run by a System with no Heart,  and that will affect us in many ways,  it is only natural.

Here is another example.  We do not need chaperons who punish us greatly.  We are big Boys and Girls,  let us do what we want!  Who ordered the mean babysitter?

Here are the Police, programmed to enforce Heartless and non-thinking Laws on a grandmother:



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