And curiously unstudied.   The Medical Priests are not programmed to recognize an anomaly such as Morgellons;  my spell-check will not even recognize it…..AND YET  –  many,  many people have reported this nano type bug that infests their skin,  and moves and grows with wire-like tendencies and polyester looking tendrils….it appears both Biological and Technological.   They are crystal shaped and change colors  –  the close-up shots of these  “bugs”   would be more fascinating if not for the suffering of its victims.   And the explanations get as far-out as the Morgellons itself…..This could be Alien Technology, or learned from Alien Technology – is this Intentional,  or the Human Body just attempting to process all the Toxins and Plastics and Oils that are choking everything Natural….. 

The pictures are not too uspetting,  unless you are super sensitive:


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