This is a fascinating topic by itself,  and considering that Society is most definitely being manipulated i can’t help but wonder how this is being used against us.  With curious devices like the Television and the Internet,  who is controlling or influencing our Imagination?  This article covers an interesting study that was just done and while it doesn’t get super deep into the metaphysics of perception,  it does open up some understanding and provokes some thought on the subject,  if we use our Imagination ha ha…..

i am reminded of that great South Park episode featuring Butters,  “Imaginationland”…..



And exactly where Edgar Cayce the amazing psychic said it would be.   This would explain the strange behavior of the Bermuda Triangle,  as many have predicted,  as well as some views on our pre-history.  Pyramids bigger than Egypt!  i think we are going to see a lot more of what has already been happening,  these revelations on a huge scale that will reshape our views on major topics…..Apocalypse is Greek for the lifting of the veil,  and the curtain is going up to reveal the most surreal show of our Civilization in the Theater of Revelations….. 


Aleister Crowley, The Muses, and Trance in Greece and Modern Times (Part II) – By Jonas E. Alexis

A very engaging article from Jonas E.  Alexis and Veteran’s Today –

The power of Images and Music is vastly under-appreciated and indeed related to the unseen world….and as Television bathes us in rapidly flashing images and while Music is willingly submitted to,   Technology and our own desires have granted us the ability to revel in large doses of what is essentially very strong medicine. 

As a Musician and Philosophical Observer i have analysed and dissected Music from many angles;  from the Emotional aspects to the Mechanical.   To sit down and consciously create music is one thing,  that is what i refer to as Composition.   And while i have never  (thankfully)  felt possessed,  it is interesting in light of this article to note that the best melodies by far that i have written have all come to me at once,  in a single moment,  when i was not trying to compose.   There is definitely something to being  “in the zone”  for sure,  and drugs do assist in this,  where i find my Mind is either doing its best work without my conscious attention or has tuned into some frequency in the aether….as to the possibility of the former,  it could very well be like when we are trying to recall some bit of information that is on the tip of our tongue,  and the more we focus upon it the more it seems to slip away.  And only later,  when not thinking about it and engaged in another task  suddenly it pops into our heads.   Why would that be?  Why would the brain perform better when not being directed consciously by the user?  It seems that both situations could exist,  where being in the zone puts one in a receptive state,  and if one is Artistic then they will pick something up from the unrecognized realms of our Reality.  
Or, being Artistic and having already directed their Artistic Mind in such a way as to create in absentia,  they create much like those facts that unexpectedly pop up.    


And Part One:



i certainly can’t call these people lazy or unmotivated,  that’s for sure.   But we can make an educated guess regarding how Weather Modification will be used,  especially since it will be falling like everything else into Corporate hands……will it be used to create rain and food,  or will it be used as a weapon and for Control?   i would also like to add that controlling the Weather and genetically reprogramming Nature would have to be put under the category of Evil –  who else would even THINK to do that,  let alone do it and without mercy?  And if Satan’s main goal is to play God,  then this Technology can at least make him feel as though he is doing just that, like a little kid sitting on his dad’s lap steering the car…..  




China,  a notoriously abusive country toward its citizens  (despite America giving it some fake political award),  just destroyed some genetically modified corn sent by America…..

Wait a minute.  Let me understand this properly.

How and why is a country that performs human rights abuses with such brutality and expertise refusing to buy the food that we ourselves eat?  The Chinese Government constantly abuses their people horribly and inhumanely,  yet somehow feeding our Genetic Corn to their people is  just too sadistic even for them.  That is some pretty bad corn.  Yet our Government seems to feel quite confident about feeding it to us and our children,  to the point where they don’t even feel that they have to label it.