So let’s see.  Our Government leaders and politicians are constantly engaged in war,  usually more than one at one time,  as soon they can they either forcefully or manipulatively get kids into the Military,  Corporations make huge profits from war,  war is constantly idolized in the movies and television,  gunfights are a staple of movies and songs,  they are the most popular video games and toys,  and then a teacher tells some kids to bring a nerf gun to school for a math experiment,  and naturally being kids they end up playing with them so they are punished.  

It is not just that the teacher gave permission,  there is the Letter of the Law versus the Spirit of the Law.  i would say just stop being idiots,  but i am afraid the problem is much deeper and darker than that.

You will not find Logic or Justice here.  For the same reason the Department of Justice is changing  “I now pronounce you Man and Fill in the Blank”  it is meant as a chaotic cloud of mental disassembling,  to confuse and anger,  to censor our precious Thoughts by making us aware of an unnatural fear,  to mix our feelings in a cognitive dissonant dance like a dog getting smacked in the nose and not knowing why,  it’s all for our psychological control…..

How long before laughter is discouraged?


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