Excellent.  The cures for Cancer are barbaric and medieval,  and just to add insult to injury the money being made is disgraceful.  Like the combustion engine we are way past this type of Technology –  not to mention the causes;  pollution which is far beyond the soda can in the park but rather the insidiously unseen chemicals that pervade every Cell of Mother Earth.   

When you think about the endless stream of negative toxins that have been pouring into the air and water since the industrial revolution,  increasing in toxicity as well as output,  and not just the huge damaging spills of BP oil or Fukushima radiation but rather the out of sight out of mind all the time night and day constant vomiting of all things unnatural, including a programmable genetic poison,  all around the world into the water, air and land,  changing the earth and changing us,  it doesn’t just kill and make everything it touches dirty it changes things.  It rearranges the genetics and the cells,  every action has a reaction.  

The preview for the documentary as well as the article are right here:


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