And huzzah for that.  How can the book be closed on such a complex and crucial study such as this?   First,  we are study something with the very tool we are studying.  That throws a particular type of philosophical monkey wrench into the situation.  Also,  The Human Psyche is very complicated and unique on an individual basis.   And there are also many theories,  Freud representing only one.  And considering that the premier Social Engineering Chess Player World Champions Tavistock gave him a castle,  i am a little hesitant to assume that he is all about pure Science.  Not only that,  but he prescribed cocaine to a patient repeatedly until the patient died.  Now most people may say,  “Well,  Science did not know about cocaine back then”……then he should not have been prescribing it back then!  Especially upping the dose when the previous amount did not show signs of improvement.   Until the poor man must have been an absolute mess,  and without even the benefit of knowing that the medicine was the culprit.  As a drug addict he could have stopped and gotten help,  he would have at least known what the problem was.    But here he must have kept taking the medicine assuming this would help him.  But this is the kind of attitude and casual experimental bedside manner i expect.  

These people are not healers,  they are a business and ruthless at that.  There are indeed many other layers in this worm infected cake,  Control being one of them.  Remember the relationship between the Law and Psychiatry.


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