A UFO does not necessarily mean an Extra-Terrestial craft,  it means that something unexplained was seen.  Which could very well have been an Extra-Terrestial craft.  Some researchers suggest that many of these sightings are actually Demons,  and that being able to take any shape they choose they choose to fool us by making us believe they are Aliens.  Other explanations are super secret  government projects,  where possibly the technology was learned from real alien craft.  

But whatever they are,  they are seen often and by many reliable people,  and do not get the interest from the Media that you would expect UNKNOWN objects flying around our skies would receive…..how is it that when a few normal people see something in the sky that has no explanation no one cares?  And yet the Kardashians show up on the cover of three magazines at once…..

So a serious, fascinating question that occurs daily is routinely ignored,  while idiocy is celebrated…..



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