In addition to dishing out drugs like deranged dealers,  Doctors ignore quite an expansive list of Human capabilities and possibilities.  This article refers to it as remote healing,  which is an apt term,  but included within this concept are variations of this ritual which have been used by religions and spiritual healers for centuries.

i repeatedly refer to Doctors as Mechanics simply because they approach the Human Body as a Machine,  which to an extent it is,  and they are experts at this approach and i would certainly never influence anyone from seeing a Doctor.  But the Mind,  Soul and Spirit do exist and they do play a vital and integral part in the incredibly complex Holistic relationship that is the Human.  Not to recognize this or its effects is not only absurd it is dangerously ignorant.  

As with the Earth,  it is the Interconnectedness of All Things which must always be considered.  Even between Humans and the Earth,  and Humans with other Humans and other animals.

The important factor is that it heals and helps –  

Part One and Two are here:


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