It is referred to as  “unwanted sexual contact”,  a phrase i have heard countless times before from numerous women…..and where i usually respect the request or just break down and cry,  many members of our Military do not –  and so this abuse has been steadily increasing,  to the point where i wonder if sexually assaulting the enemy might bring a quicker and quieter solution to the many wars around the world.  True,  many of our enemies may enjoy being gang raped by the Marines,  but this could lead to  “intentional”  trouble being caused with the hope that they may be  “punished”.    

A Quick Overview:

1.  Women should be allowed to join the Military.  Why they would want to do so i have no idea,  but they of course have that right.

2.  War is a vicious, violent,  inhumane and sick activity,  and most of those who desire to join are half-way up that tree already.   And with  “training”  they are further brainwashed into sadistic,  robotic killing machines.

3.  So now we have Women as a minority surrounded by amped-up,  violent alpha males…..with sex and violence being psychological compliments and instigators of each other.

4.  This leads to the Alpha-Male Patriarchal Power Game,  even if done homosexually.

So should this be acceptable or rationalized?  Of course not.

Should women take this,  or not report it as they have been doing?  Of course not.

What we have here is a typical Societal Madness which creates such a Chaotic Cloud of Truths and Deceptions that the answer is neither  black  nor white.   And Laws cannot be used to patch up or correct beliefs and hatreds…..

The reason why i do not rape women as i walk along the street is NOT because it is against the Law…..the Law deters me not.  Rather it is my Morality,  my Spirituality,  and my Belief in not hurting other Human Beings.

We can only begin to correct these issues when our Spirituality and Consciousness are in the correct and proper place –  Laws punish,  they do not help the Victim or the Perpetrator,  they do not forever correct the situation,  nor do they change the attitudes of anyone.


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