Entertainers are historically implicated in pedophelia as are Politicians,  and even such  “reputable”  (what a grotesquely misused word)  institutions such as the British Broadcasting Company are now forever associated with Satan’s Kindergarten,  Paedophelia.

And just as in the case of  UFOs  ( the two are infamously related)  they are not reported every time that it happens so that the impression is given that it does not happen that often.  Not at all true.  Especially since the Media,  those in Control over our Perceptions and Beliefs,  prefer that these topics do not capture our attention.

Why?  Because if the Truth were known about what is REALLY going on and what it REALLY represents and who is REALLY behind it all there isn’t a Politician or Policeman who could run fast enough –  and the Military would be forced to kill every last American,  as there is absolutely NO ONE who would stand for the Truth on these subjects once uttered.

Am i being too extreme?  There is always that possibility.   But Aliens and Pedophelia are more connected and Evil than perhaps is realized.

This link concerns Ben Fellows,  a whistleblower on pedophile rings,  and so he naturally ends up missing:

These concern a BBC supported known pedophile child performer:


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