A pedophile is going to go where he has control over boys and is isolated…..a boy scout leader fits that description all too well.  And while certainly every gay man is not a pedophile,  can we really blame the parents for feeling uneasy about this?    

This personal example may help.  i used to be a heroin addict,  and yes the stereotype of the purse snatching,  useless,  lying junkie is all too true.  And while my musician friends and i were the rare exceptions,  if anyone with prior knowledge of my past  (which i do not hide)  did not wish me to be inside their house alone,  i would understand.   i would be hurt but i would understand.  Because everything is not about me and my pride or even Truth….it is also about other people’s feelings,  which even when occasionally misguided they are always entitled to.

If a murderer does twenty years and is then released,  are we racist or biased for worrying that he may do it again?

Do not allow any form of political correctness to control or shape your Thoughts –  there are many subtle ways of influencing people’s opinions.

For me i am not even concerned if the Scout Leader is homosexual or not;  these days i would not leave my child in the woods with anyone:


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