The United Nations is stealthily making expansive Laws that will someday affect the World,  but right now in America we assume we are free from anything and everything because that is what we are continually being told.  And this is truly a magnificent Country,  i really do feel blessed to live here.  But i would like to continue feeling that way for a long time.  

No one reads about what the U.N.  is doing,  and why would they?  i bet more people are familiar with the words of a Justin Beiber song than with the words of Agenda 21.  But we will feel the import of Agenda 21 when it is suddenly implemented,  but by then it will most likely be too late.  

This plan has many moving parts,  and they are all moving with the precision it takes to run the entire World.   Here is an explanation of only one of its effects,  an immense amount of sovereign American land that will be  “legally”  stolen….


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