i really wish that this were science fiction but it is all too real.  Mind Control is real,  and a scary concept because you wouldn’t know if you were being mind controlled –  that is the definition of what mind control is.

Do not be fooled by the  “out of sight out of mind”  game…..Ignorance is never Bliss.  If all you know is what you are told,  then quite simply you are without Individual Thought,  and this is not being a Human.  You are their drone.  The Mass Hypnosis of the Population will not be Televised…..although it will be greatly facilitated through Television.  

Do you wonder what is in your drinking water or do you assume someone has inspected it for your consumption?  Do you ask your Doctor what was in the Vaccine he just injected into you without asking or do you assume that he is looking out for your health?  Do you question the validity of what the newscasters are telling you or do you just assume that they would never lie? 

It is a good thing to ask yourself why you do what you do every once in a while,  kind of like running a program check for errors.

The available Technology is mind boggling,  if you’ll pardon the expression.  The Alien presence is known and accepted.  Those in control of all this are Evil.

You can fill in the blanks.

Read on…..



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