So what else is new?  This should be huge and earth shattering news,  yet instead we are all so acclimated to the disgusting behavior of  our elected (???)  officials that we are not even too surprised or even upset anymore.  We are barely fazed  Rather we have become numb,  and although we despair when we hear something like this,  in a strange and upsetting way we expect it.  We have been brain-washed  by the incessant  repetition of ugly and immoral behavior,  and learning early on that we have zero recourse  we have no choice but to act like abuse victims.  We don’t like it when our husband comes home in a violent mood,  but since we seem to be unable to change the situation we  instead manage to somehow psychologically deal with getting smacked around……

i really do try not to be too cynical,  but when i am being shown unacceptable behavior day after day by those who run our lives suddenly cynicism becomes twisted reality.  i see now that the glass is not half empty,  it is half full….full of shite.   And when our leaders high up are involved in disgusting activity AND covering it up,  it is as they say  “disturbing”.

i feel like the child who has been happily playing with his Legos until he is suddenly and rudely awakened by the revelation that his parents are horrible and abusive people.   So who protects us from the protectors?

i think we all would love to remove every politician and lobbyist,  every single person involved in politics from the janitor to the President,  and escort them out of every building and into prison immediately if deserved.  Everybody out –  female escorts,  gay page boys,  lobbyists (they receive the special window exit).  And  no excuses or explanations,  and they can never come back.  Politics is not a job,  it is an elected responsibility which should not last years or a lifetime.

Yes i know that this seems impractical,  but it is not impossible.  And although i am against violence i do not think that there would be anything wrong with the symbolic effect of placing a guillotine on the front lawn of every government building.  Just as a subtle, visual reminder…..an artistic statement if you will.   After all,  if they are going to blatantly abuse their positions so grossly,  let us at least not allow them to feel comfortable about it.



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