And exactly where Edgar Cayce the amazing psychic said it would be.   This would explain the strange behavior of the Bermuda Triangle,  as many have predicted,  as well as some views on our pre-history.  Pyramids bigger than Egypt!  i think we are going to see a lot more of what has already been happening,  these revelations on a huge scale that will reshape our views on major topics…..Apocalypse is Greek for the lifting of the veil,  and the curtain is going up to reveal the most surreal show of our Civilization in the Theater of Revelations…..



  1. Atlantis is nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle. It’s not even on this planet anymore. Plus the Atlantians never built pyramids in the first place. Their beliefs were completely different from Egyptian beliefs as well. This post of yours should not even be on here what so ever. It’s truly a waste of time. And if Edgar Cayce was an amazing psychic meaning he’d have to be selected by the spirits themselves, which I highly doubt, he would already know that the city has already be transported somewhere else away from this planet.

    • i am very impressed with all your information on Atlantis, i’d love to know your sources. So Atlantis was transported away from Earth? To where and by whom? i have never come across that info in all my research, you must share your knowledge. And the Atlantians and Egyptians did not share pyramids or beliefs? You should get this information out as soon as possible there are established and respected researchers basing their life work on this, these revelations of yours are outstanding and the truth can only do good for science…..

      • Like scientists would understand my sources at all. Every living scientist is a true idiot who doesn’t understand a thing. Human minds that also don’t understand reincarnation or the power of the elements without science trying to prove everything can be understood in their way only can never understand my sources at all.

      • That is so true, thank you for writing….I really enjoy that people participate and say what they feel, and I apologize to anyone whose comment I might have missed…if I didn’t approve someone it was not out of censorship I am just not very good with certain tasks, ha ha.

  2. It is certainly an increasingly “apocalyptic” age in perhaps most respects. There are a great deal of indications, obviously going back to Plato, that the Caribbean basin, with once lower ocean levels apparently due to the prior ice age, would have made a fine center for quite a civilization.
    I suspect that all ethnicities “have their day in the sun”, and that age may have been the epoch of the meso-american globe. I often think that west europeans who now predominate (probably for historo-cyclic reason) aren’t very fond of non-linear views of history and historical dominance. Much of the past seems to be busy being buried.

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