Just what the paranoid and neurotic need to hear,  that false memories can be implanted.  But then again the paranoid and the neurotic these days are vindicated by the hour,  the veil has been lifted and we are hip to the game.

But it really does get trippy and surreal to imagine the possibility of a Blade Runner type scenario,  not just in other so called humans but in ourselves,   the cloning technology is there as well as robotics it can be done…..



i can easily see the elitist, egotistical Women of our planet who have been trained in the modern cultural art of not being a Woman performing societal surrogacy,  or as i like to call it being a cold bitch……those sweet representatives of the fairer sex who consider having a baby something of a disgusting drag,  a ninth month invasion of themselves,  an inside job,  the coup that threatens to ruin their bodies, interrupt their useless careers and god forbid put a pause on the Templar Notes that come rolling in from the Well Trained Fans who can ill afford to spend it.  ( i got Templar Notes from Freeman )  Of course this all fits perfectly well with the anti baby anti family indoctrination in the aether that permeates our disgusting culture  ( a culture of course being another name for a dish of filthy bacteria )  There is no Love here,  there is no Spirituality,  but did we really expect any?  i certainly didn’t.  It fits the modus operendi of these horrendous humans so perfectly,  the ultimate in Science triumphing over Humanity,   being wielded like a blunt object upon the poor head of Humanity who never expects getting smashed in the face but always does.

This goes against everything natural and beautiful,  and by definition that would be Satanic, would it not?  They have sex,  but won’t birth the baby.  The most creative, beautiful and godly part.  What a disgusting ego this must take!  ( Note to self –  Invent a machine that can capture the ego and transfer it into energy, this will save the planet )  And of course they are not going to breast feed the filthy little monster,  and with this kind of a start i really wouldn’t expect much intimacy after that at all……in fact,  i suspect those little dogs that most of these professional bitch manikins carry around in their purses receive more attention than their children……….

i am even convinced that Luciferian Magick is at play in a lot of these pregnancies as well.  Ye olde Moon Childe….

And in Kate Middleton’s case there is even an unexplained suicide….


i had originally intended to write a little essay ( that’s an ancient word for blog )  on the NSA and Prism and also on how the NSA released a treasure trove of UFO messages.  Then the thought occurred to me that since the very topic that was being written about was about writing being read by the NSA,   i thought i could turn this essay into a sincere hypothetical letter to them,  assuming they will read it,  hypothetically.

So Dear NSA…..

i realize that if you are indeed reading this you are by now most likely thinking that i am some kind of idiot and wondering what drugs i am on…..i am well aware that my arrangement of words occasionally comes across as arrogant and even slightly sarcastic at times,   but that’s just show biz.  i am actually a very quiet and moral guy.  i’m a Musician by birth,  and an Artist with a slightly sad and surreal sense of dimensions.   This is truly a sincere letter,  hypothetical as it is.

When i began writing suddenly i had thoughts of my youth,  and i recalled happily how every American boy wanted to be a spy like James Bond….that was and is the coolest thing in the world…..and of course we were saving America and the World from the bad guys……but when i got older and became more aware the mystique sadly wore off,  leaving a curious feeling of us against them when we should be together,  i don’t understand what happened.  i thought we were all on the same side,  but now it feels like you guys are against us,  i don’t know why.   But still i  hear so much about the negative aspects of the intelligent services that we often forget that there must be some real James Bond,  good-hearted men and women who remember being young and wanting to be a spy saving the world  from some incredible  outer space evil….and they are indeed saving the World daily from the Technologically advanced Species who are trying to destroy us.  And of course we will never hear about these heroes,  people can never know things like the Sun almost being projected into another Time-Line,  or how a black hole which would allow for the entry of Aliens that absorb people like heroin quite nearly opened up in New Jersey, but we do Thank You and we do love you.

( i made those particular situations up,  but at Project Camelot you’ll see i’m not far off….)

But the files you guys just released really gives the push to non-believers,  thank you.

For those who want to know more about the surreal side of reality and what’s really going on check out Project Camelot…..( don’t take acid beforehand )        there are all kinds of other Entities all around and there is even interaction with the Government.  ( i would seriously  love to help fight them,  by the way.  i’ll help any way i can,  let me know.)

Well,  i can’t ask you any cool questions because you can’t write back and you wouldn’t tell me anyway, and that’s OK.   i’ve already thanked but i’ll thank you again –  Thank You NSA for the amazing things you do for the Human Race that we will never hear about….But how about this?

i am well aware that you probably have  more pictures of me than my mom does,  which makes me think that if you could just send her a few,  that would make her day,  and although i have no business at all asking you this but i would really appreciate it….i know there might be some aerial shots of me as well,  those would be so cool for an album cover,  i would pay you for those,  really.  If they’re good.

P.S.  That was sarcasm….

Thank you,

Love and Light,


For the Alien messages:

About PRISM:


There is absolutely a problem with a World that has such a high rate of child abuse,  and it is not brought out as much as it should be because this is organized and high up.  It was popular  back in the days of Babylon,  it continued with this insane abuse in the Vatican of all places,  and now it shows up in high members of our Society just like thousands of years ago….

i cannot say enough about how sad and disturbing this all is,  but these people are not just isolated weirdos,  which there are.  They are rich and famous and are connected.   Would it be a crazy thought,  since thee people are already acting Evil and insane,  to think there were Rituals going on?  Like the old days….

i really believe there are Rituals going on….Researchers have made many connections between Aliens and Children,  and not good ones. There is no proof that we are at the top of the food chain…..We don’t know everything about the World,  that’s a fact… much DON’T we know?

Just going by the number of friends i have who have been abused the percentage is perplexing that we as a Culture accept this.   If everyone who has been abused had a light bulb over their head we might get the idea.

Again this is the extreme version of the Alpha-Male Psychopath who i believe has been running Human Culture since the beginning. These people have the money and run the courts,  and i wouldn’t be surprised if there was Magick going on.

Something is seriously wrong with our Culture if this sick abuse is going on with Children,  and it’s being protected by the Media and the Courts.    These are the people who run our World!  How did we allow for such a World to be built,  constructed out of Law and Fear, Corporations and Control… does not match our Inner Humanity,  our Souls were not meant for living such as this.

David Icke has done an excellent job of bring out these stories…..


Posted by Mind88Music on May 1, 2013

Here we go with an extreme example of the De-Humanization that is being pushed upon Society, as well as the constant inference of Child Sacrifice……Medical Ethicists, who deserve neither title,  are saying that newborn babies are NOT persons, and can therefore be killed if the parents choose.  If the parents decide after the birth that they have changed their minds and do not want to raise an innocent Human Soul for whatever selfish reason, the Medical Priests have given the OK…..and remember, with Obama Care and the Government in control of our Health this could easily become a reality.  So why are so-called professionals imprinting these horrible thoughts onto the Mass Consciousness?  Why are they working so hard to de-humanize the fetus and now the baby?   Because it appears, when examining all aspects of Society, that a Satanic type of Evil is in Control,  if not THE Satanic Evil.  Using the boiling frog metaphor, we began with Abortion….i firmly believe that no one should tell a Woman or anyone what to do with their body,  that is a basic Human Right that no law of man can touch.  But somehow using Suspension of Disbelief we avoid facing exactly what is occurring during this  ”procedure”.  And now here we are, and i can hardly believe it.   And while pedophelia has to be the most horrid and disgusting act a Human can commit,  it is still happening with a frequency that is truly frightening.  That in itself should be questioned, why no one is jumping up screaming  ”WHAT IS GOING ON???”   Then we have Abortion, where most of Society was brain-washed into believing that a Fetus is not a Soul filled Entity.  And now we have this….Newborns are not to be considered persons.  What is so sick about our Society is that we are not being forced by gun point to do these things, we are anaesthetized into accepting them.

i provided a few links, and may God have Mercy on our Souls……


It makes sense that Obama would suggest that the Government spy on themselves……after all,  the whole Gestalt of these people’s psychology is Fear and Paranoia,  Mind Games and Trickery.  The End Result of a System like this is not trusting anyone.  That will be quite a situation,  with half the people spying on the other half as well as each other.  Like an immensely huge Mexican standoff,  everyone scared and untrusting of their neighbor.  Just like the McCarthy Red Scare,  it is so easy to whip idiots up into a frenzy.  Unfortunately most of the people are indeed idiots and are easy prey for the intensely clever  psychology that is being employed upon every level of society.

What a brilliant concept they have devised –  because of course ANYONE could be guilty of ANYTHING.  Guilty until proven innocent,  and why not?  This Alice in Wonderland approach is far safer for everyone.   And once this door has been opened  (and it has)  it is just a free for all in terms of where the suspicious and fearful mind will go.  Fear and Pathology do not just operate at certain parameters,  rather they are always on and going on all the time against everyone.  Being in the Spy Game they are well aware that all their scheming is no good if there is even one group who is not checked and double checked,  and what better group than the Government themselves?  It is the Paranoid’s Dream,  the Cynic’s Synaptic SNAFU,  a fantastical game of Chess played expertly by the Elite men and women who have no real understanding of themselves and more importantly no real love for themselves.  Their adrenaline as well as their Ego and Fear are feeding off of their own actions and beliefs which are only the constructs of the sick indoctrination they have received.  Obama is working off of this same psychology,  and like any Tyrant or King he will request this as an added measure of precaution.  Because we treat people the way that we expect them to act,  and we usually expect them to act how we ourselves would act.  If we are liars who are scheming for Control,  then we assume all others must be doing the same.

The oh so clever move to get people scared and kicking this insane spy catastrophe into action is by clearly stating that if someone does NOT provide useful information then that itself  implies implication in whatever the information that never existed or was never known about was concerning… other words,  we are all expected to know what everyone else is doing and report on it,  otherwise we are liable as well.  If this is the type of Culture you want your children and  yourself to live in,  you have drifted so far away from the home base of Humanity i can only pray for you.   This is the same old Nazi Soviet style of Control only it is dressed up in the colorful American flag of freedom and choice which we have been trained to believe actually exists.  If the American Dream did exist we would not be in this situation,  and i would not be writing this.   We have been repeatedly taught to look only at the surface and never to question or think.  Just because they give us many choices does not mean we are free… just means that we can choose which version of their Control we want…..with all the pretty magazines and choices of news channels and papers the Information is still Controlled.  Pick your poison.  

And there will be fantastic excuses and wonderful reasons and it will only succeed if the people allow it to,  if the will of the people weakens at the sight of military morons,   if they fall for the fear and believe in these contrived laws conceived by psychopathic idiots when these laws do not supercede by any means or reason the laws of the Creator –  By setting a punishment for NOT endorsing what they want,  that clearly shows what they DO want.  They do not want a rational overview of the situation,  they are looking to clean out future whistleblowers and create a super tight system built on fear and reprisal.

So they don’t trust the American People,  and now they don’t even trust themselves.  Do they trust their Alien Overlords,  or just fear them?