The Minds of young Children,  being just born into this Reality,  are designed to seek out and analyze the world around them.  In fact they are more capable than adults at distinguishing subtle differences in information.  This makes sense because it would of course be a priority for a newborn living creature to learn about its environment as much as possible…..what do i do,  how do i act,  what is this and so on.  So without this in mind we then take these lovely children and place them in front of a box which is flashing a variety of disturbing images at a furious rate and allow them to absorb this  “programming”  for hours and hours over years and years.  Understanding the power that images hold even for an adult,  with a young and hungry brain this is like some kind of sick experiment which no mother would ever willingly allow.  But again,  we are accepting and unaware of something horrible right in front of us because it has been packaged and sold to us in a variety of clever ways.  The serpent was subtle.  

i counted once how quickly the images change.  Whether it was a cartoon or a sitcom or movie,  almost all of the time i couldn’t get to four before the picture changed.  About every four seconds there was a cut.  Rarely six,  sometimes five, mostly four and even two or three counted seconds.  Try it yourself.  No wonder kids are  “hyper”  today…..real life doesn’t flicker and change that fast,  so of course they can’t concentrate on reading or hold a conversation….if things don’t change every four seconds they consider it boring.   Especially if nothing blows up.  

And this isn’t taking into consideration the content.  Think about what is going on in a young child’s mind.  Think about how they are interpreting this information.  Do not fill your child’s beautiful new Mind with this insane crap anymore than you would feed them actual crap.  

And who is creating and controlling these images?  Is it someone who wakes up every morning worrying about your children?  i seriously doubt it……


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